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As a part of the Institute application, you will be asked to respond to survey prompts designed to identify your current practices, and your future vision for broadening and diversifying your programs. Your responses may present any information you deem relevant to assist in the selection process. In particular, you should include the following:

  1. What is your vision for what your institution will be doing in five years to increase access to and diversity in STEM, particularly IOS fields? In the context of your vision, briefly discuss why each member of your team was chosen to participate in this institute.
  1. What programs focusing on preparedness, climate, and/or mentorship does your institution currently have for increasing access to and diversity in STEM? Provide 2-3 sentences describing each. 
  1. For each, briefly describe their programmatic strengths and challenges.
  1. Given your answers to the questions above, briefly describe at least two outcomes for each item below that you hope to realize through participation in the CUR institute:

          A. Preparedness

          B. Climate

          C. Mentorship

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